Miles comes out firing in SEC Teleconference
9/11/2013 10:23:23 AM
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It didn’t take Les long to flip the switch.

After opening Wednesday morning’s SEC teleconference with remembrance of 9/11, which took place when Miles was coaching at Oklahoma State, Miles quickly took offense to allegations of academic misconduct in Stillwater under his watch, as reported Wednesday by Sports Illustrated.

"I revered my time in Stillwater,” Miles said, responding to reports that Cowboy players were given improper academic assistance and that football was emphasized over education. "Every guy was encouraged to get his degree, to stay the course, and to fight.”

"Anybody that sat in our meeting rooms knew that this thing was done right,” he added. "People who were commenting on the state of the program weren’t there long enough to figure it out.”

From there, Miles declined further comment, and fielded a series of questions from reporters across the country about the Alabama-Texas A&M matchup on Saturday.

First, he addressed the challenges of stopping Johnny Manziel.

"He has the ability to throw the ball extremely well. He can make a snap decision and get the ball there on time. He also has that penchant with the ability to run. There’s a tax on the defense.”

Miles was also asked to compare Manziel to former Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, another mobile quarterback.

"There’s a strong similarity, but Cam Newton was a truck,” Miles said. "He was not only a fast guy, but when he sustained contact, he could drag a pile as well.”

As to his own team, Miles wasn’t asked a single question about Kent State, this week’s opponent, but was asked about Odell Beckham Jr.’s 100 return of a missed field goal on Saturday night vs. UAB.

"I figured he’d bring it back,” Miles said. "Our team as well as the opponent wanted to know which way is he going. Once we got on page, we had some of the finest blocking in front of a return that I’ve ever seen.”

Miles singled out Kwon Alexander, who made two blocks to spring Beckham’s return, but said he doesn’t think he’ll practice the play this week – running it, or defending it.

"I think that a long field goal that has an attempt that will probably not get out of the end zone, there might be some more return men back,” Miles said. "It’s not necessary in virtually every game plan. There’s a time for it, and that time was last Saturday.”

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