Tigers enjoying rest of bye week, but peeking ahead to Alabama
10/30/2013 10:40:12 AM

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The last FBS team in college football to take a bye is making the most of it.

Les Miles jumped on the SEC teleconference this morning, saying his team isn’t getting too ahead of itself during the bye week that precedes a Nov. 9 matchup with Alabama.

The Tigers are looking ahead, said Miles, but not too far ahead.

"We’re a team that’s come off a good lengthy stretch,” he said. "There’s a need to have some rest. There’s not any team that will get ready too early for a game of the magnitude. They’ll understand the timeframe.”

This marks the fourth year in a row LSU has had a bye ahead of the clash with Alabama, and the Tigers stand 2-1 in such games. Miles said his program will draw from those prior byes for preparation schedules.

"I’ve not seen them in any other times we’ve prepared for this team with an open week to have the likelihood to prepare too early,” he said.

That said, the Tigers are already looking at what it will take to beat the Tide, who stand No. 1 in the country and need only a few more victories for a fourth title in five seasons. Alabama again boasts one of the nation’s top defenses, ranking first nationally in scoring defense with just 9.8 points per game allowed.

Unlike years past, however, LSU has a proven passing attack under new coordinator Cam Cameron, and Miles hinted that the aerial route will often be the path of choice for the Tigers against the Tide, who rank eighth in the country in passing defense despite giving up 465 yards and 5 TDs to Johnny Manziel earlier this season in a 49-42 win over Texas A&M.

"I think what you’ll see is a very competitive run and pass and the mix of run and pass and every down and distance,” Miles said. "The ability to throw it deep, short, run the football. That’s the best way to work against a quality defense. You have to make them defend the pass in every down and distance.”

One player who will try to defend the LSU pass is reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Week Landon Collins, who forced a fumble and returned an interception 89 yards for a score Saturday against Tennessee. Collins is a Baton Rouge native who picked the Tide over the Tigers on national television in 2012, when he was the nation’s top ranked safety.

"We recognize ol’ Landon,” Miles said. "I remember his announcement, but I don’t know that I remember much after that.”

The Collins storyline is one of many heading into Nov. 9’s matchup, but from a bigger perspective, Miles knows the next four weeks will be critical to this team’s ultimate outcome. An SEC West title is still mathematically possible, though LSU would need to win out and get help, probably from Auburn (by beating Alabama) and Georgia (by beating Auburn).

"Those are the things that make November best,” said Miles. "Late in the season, the schedule that’s been here for the last nine years, you play the best teams on the back end. It’s an exciting piece of time because it puts you where you’re going to finish. If you run the table, you have a chance to be in the championship game. If you falter, it still affords you an opportunity in the next game. It’s always difficult in the conference, but it’s the month champions are decided.”

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10/30/2013 8:12:23 PM
Nicky has your hammer Les Nail
10/31/2013 9:58:00 AM
Looking forward to a really BIG game at Alabama. For the fans, it just can't get here soon enough. The Tigers air attack is the most thrilling thing that has come along in years. We fans drop the ole jaws when we see some of the amasing catches by O Jr, and Landry.
My concern is why the coaching staff has chosen to not allow our future QB, whoever that might be, in the games thus far. It was completley mind boggling for me that Jennings did not play the entire fourth quarter at the Homecoming Game. We are at that point in the season when we control our own destiny.
God forbid it happening, but what happens in the games we have left if we have to play these final three powerhouses with a "green" quarterback? What happens to our beloved Tigers when the Mett graduates and we start the 2014 season with a Quarterback whose experience in the SEC has been his Spring and
Fall training? Les, Cam, come on man! What were you thinking??
10/31/2013 2:18:30 PM

Because Les Miles can't coach that is why he will not bring along the QB experience in Jennings the right way.

Because he did the same thing with Jordan Jefferson, remember leaving Zack cooling his heels when we needed a QB change in the most important BCS championship game in LSU history. - Les Miles don't know the LSU QB from a hole in the grown.

The people running LSU are chumps, paying the con artist over $4 million dollars a year.

I kept hearing about the dark days before Nick Saban. I don't really think that this LSU defense is going to chase any ghost away any times soon, do you?

Alabama is going to embarrass the LSU tiger football faithful because Les Miles is a problem for the LSU football program, that the people running LSU will not change.

Until they changing the LSU Head Football Coach, don't be surprised if the LSU football program starts living in the dark day again. If it get much darker in this college football season then just what kind of darker darkness are they talking about before LSU changes the head coach?
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